Casement Sash

The casement is a simple window with hinged sashes rather than vertical sliding. With less maintenance and easy operation, they may lack the intricate workings of a sliding sash, but they are highly practical and have a very traditional/modern appearance. Stylish and contemporary finger-joints -Steel hardware in a range of colours and designs manual opening only.

What is a Casement Window?

If your window is incorporated with hinged sashes instead of a vertical sliding that means it's a casement window. It's easy to maintain, operate, and very practical despite lacking a sliding sash.

With our long experience in crafting casement windows for listed properties, we are experts in maintaining the look of your home.

We have a wide range of casement windows and glazing options available, we also have our in-house double glazing that provides the best and highest thermal.

What are the components of Casement Windows?

  • Finger-joints
  • Steel hardware in a range of colors and designs
  • Manual opening only
  • Stylish and contemporary

Casement windows key features:

  • Experienced in Joinery bespoke design service in South West London
  •  Casement windows professional installation service
  • We are a specialist in  glazing including Double glazing to boost insulation
  • We provide High-security hardware and locks
  • Adaptable key options to reduce multiple keys
  • Factory-applied spray paint finish for low maintenance & quality finish


 We'll ensure that you understand clearly what will be done to fulfill your project and the value of your investment.




Our Skills in -House manufactures will craft and help design your project.


The experts will help install the facade of your property efficiently with skill and professionalism.