We build and crafted bespoke Sash Windows, this is our specialty!

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We meticulously attach individually to our Windows which are built with delicate and refine quality materials by our in house expert joiners. Our Sash Windows are built in the way that it can replace an old existing window-the design would fit any property installation. We also provide double and single glazed sashes that can be inserted into the original frames so it helps to maintain any features.

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  1. Retains the charm of period homes
  2. Smooth running technology
  3. All box sections can be matched identically to a listed property`s original box
  4. Range of traditional hardware in black, brass, brushed aluminum or chrome
  5. Finger-jointed to prevent ‘jams and wobbles’ for smooth functioning openers
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We have various methods to manufacture your new bespoke windows with double or triple glazed or low-E glass.

We take the look of your property very seriously hence, we never compromise its value!

                    How to maintain effectively Sash Window?


Windows are an essential feature of a building that provides aesthetic value along with functionality to the overall charm of it. Moreover, it is the reason why these sash windows aren't gone out of the trends over these 300 years. It doesn't matter whether you live in a stylish modern apartment or in a period property; sash window maintenance is a must to keep your property look ageless. These windows are an integral part of the overall property, and their maintenance can uphold beauty. Below, we will be discussing the top 5 tips on how you can effectively maintain these windows!



  1-Keep the Windows Clean

To keep the windows look flawless and shiny, it is crucial for you to take proper care of them by cleaning them regularly. If you're using paper towels for cleaning these windows, then you're doing it wrong. This method will do nothing but just move the dirt and the dust here and there and create static on the glass. To effectively clean the windows, you must use glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. This method is environmentally friendly as you will not need to waste so many paper towels. 

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2-Paint the Windows Regularly

In order to avoid deterioration, the sash windows must be painted regularly. It not just protects it but also improves the overall appearance of the windows.

3-Prevent your Windows from Sticking

One of the most common issues that we encounter with sash windows while sliding them is that they "stick." However, these windows are meant to be gliding smoothly; the cause behind this issue is a bad painting job; thus, it seals the windows in one place. In order to avoid it, the paint must be applied very sleekly.


4-Oil the Windows to Ensure Smooth Operation

By oiling your windows, you can be assured that their operation is smooth and they won't get stuck during the operations. You can use silicone, oil, and wax for getting rid of stuck windows. Leaving these windows stuck for days ruins the windows real quick. 

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5-Check your Windows Regularly to Ensure There's no Rot

One of the most common issues that you might face with any outdoor sash windows is that they get rot. The fungus proceeds towards thriving on wet wood, thus making it tear down more quickly. However,

cleaning the windows regularly ensure that the windows are safe from any rotting. 


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In a Nutshell

Sash Windows Maintenance is essential to keep their timeless beauty alive. If you take care of these properly then they can last for decades, it is the reason why they're in the never-dying trends. Hopefully, these five tips were informative and useful for you.