Sash Window Display


Casement window display


Traditional Style of Window and It helps to maintain pieces of the windows together.
Sash Window part moves horizontally and vertically on the rail.
It opposes directly on how Sash Window opens as Casement Window is incorporated with a side-hinged sash that does not slide but rather balances inside and outside.
The choice of Casement Window has multiple benefits as it closes with a lock firmly attached against the frame. The Window closes and opens with the help of a cam or crank handles located in the lower far corner of the Window.
The cost varies depending upon the weight, the width, the color, the glass design, and the finish-including the cost of the installation.
A wooden timber window properly look after can last for as long as approximatively 100 years
Our traditional Timber Frames are handcrafted and installed by qualified installers. And FENSA because is guaranteed and made to comply with building regulations.